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We master controlled environments

Our information system is intelligent, unique, standardized, modular and fully validated. We offer both continuous and discontinuous monitoring of all indicators. Mirrhia is fully compatible with the various equipment and instrument brands, and is open to other data operating systems. 

Wireless or wired technology: robust, flexible and adaptive. Optional cloud service. Remote maintenance, preventive & predictive.

Your benefits in video

your benefits

  • Autonomous evolution without additional costs.
  • Increased room productivity
  • Accelerated batch release
  • Centralized control of KPI per type of job
  • Alert management and notification
  • Data differentiation according to their criticality: GMP, non-GMP...
  • Evolutive compliance

Data sources

RefrigeratorsFreezersCryogenic tanksIncubatorsCold roomsLaminar airflows

TemperatureHumidityPressurePressure cascadesPHCO2

Fixed particle countersPortable particle countersMicrobiological meter

Latest news

Video Mirrhia EMS

Discover our new video about our EMS Mirrhia - The global monitoring system for environment and equipment in clean rooms

Mar 27 2017

A3P - La Vague N°50 - News Release Special IT Automation - Focus on Biocloud 4.0

Discover the news release from Anne Cassart (Sales Director) published in N°50 of La Vague (A3P) :


"BioCloud 4.0 :A patient-centric global IT solution of the new generation, designed for biotech organizations."

Article by Anne Cassart (Sales Director) and Pierre KAYENBERGH (R&D Director - BiiON)

Biocloud 4.0 on page 43 of La Vague N°50 (download)

Oct 07 2016